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Electrochemical Process Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Roth

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Celebrating Success: Sebastian Müllner and Hendrik Hoffmann Successfully Defend PhD Thesis

The Chair of Electrochemical Process Engineering has ended the year 2023 and started 2024 celebrating three significant milestones: the PhD defences of Dr. Sebastian Müllner (December 2023), Dr. Hendrik Hoffmann (January 2024), and Dr. Michael Fink (February 2024).

It can be said that for Dr. Müllner, who defended his PhD on December 18th 2023, Santa Claus came early, and that he came a little late for both Dr. Hoffmann and Dr. Fink, who defended their respective PhD on January 26th and February 9th 2024. All three candidates expertly navigated the rigorous defence process: facing a panel of esteemed scholars, they demonstrated the depth of their knowledge and meticulousness of their research both during the public presentation as well as behind closed doors, during the always stressful questioning and discussion session.

After the exhilarating, yet nerve-wracking, examination, a common denominator could be found between all candidates, as they emerged from the academic battlefield with a triumphant smile that could light up the room. Colleagues, in keeping with tradition, waited outside the defence venue with a special "car" prepared by the jubilant cohort—a whimsically adorned platform cart, adorned with items reminiscent of their time at the Chair. With infectious joy, they hopped onto this makeshift chariot, being pushed through the corridors of the institute and through campus, as friends and colleagues followed, sharing in these truly special moments.

On a more serious note, we recognize not only their individual accomplishments but a shared triumph for our academic community. The path ahead surely holds exciting possibilities, and we eagerly await their continued contributions to the world of Electrochemical Process Engineering.


Mr. Sebastian Müllner, getting ready to start his presentation.


Mr. Hendrik Hoffmann at the beginning of his presentation.


Dr. Michael Fink (2nd from the left), Prof. Christina Roth and the examining board, just after the end of the examination.


Dr. Müllner relaxing after successfully passing his examination.


Dr. Hendrik Hoffmann enjoying the start of the celebrations.


Dr. Fink at the start of the post examination celebrations.

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