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Electrochemical Process Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Roth

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The faculty of engineering celebrated its 25th anniversary with the Tag der ING. event

The year 2023 marked the 25th year since the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bayreuth started research and teaching activities, with its first students having started in October 1998. Since then, the faculty has gained international visibility and recognition as a high-performance engineering institution. To celebrate this anniversary, the faculty organized the Tag der ING. and opened its doors to the people of Bayreuth for an afternoon of showcasing the work done at the several research groups of the faculty at booths and in guided tours. The afternoon’s events also included presentations and a science slam to close the festivities. Naturally, drinks and snacks were in high supply.

The chair of electrochemical process engineering (LSWV) presented its own booth too, with group members helping to both set it up and take it down at the end of the day, as well as taking turns at representing the chair at the booth, where spirits couldn’t have been higher! Several interested visitors stopped by the booth throughout the afternoon, from all walks of life, eager to learn about the redox flow batteries, dynamic hydrogen bubble templating and its applications (CO2/N2 reduction), and other topics such as water electrolysis and fuel cells. In the end it great to be a part of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the faculty of engineering as well as to be able to share the progress that is being made at the chair with a broader audience than we are usually used to and, mostly, seeing the interest shown by the public in the research activities performed at the faculty.

A very special thank you goes to the chair members who actively participated in the preparation of the booth as well as those who contributed their time on the Tag de ING.!


Mr. Hoffner (right) and Dr. Lobo (left) tending the LSWV booth during the event.


The public attends the science slam at the end of the event.

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