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Electrochemical Process Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Roth

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LSWV in France: The International Society of Electrochemistry hosts its 74th annual meeting in Lyon

The 74th Annual ISE Meeting in Lyon, France, took place this year from 3 to 8 September 2023. With over 1700 participants from around the world, the LSWV was sure to make its contribution to the field of electrochemistry known. Thus, Dr. Rameshwori Jalan and Dr. Bruna Lobo attended the meeting, with each contributing an oral presentation to an eager audience.

Dr. Jalan showed the results of her work on the electrochemical evaluation and accelerated stress tests on 3-D gas diffusion electrodes in half-cell setups. Such research is of high importance to the industrial sector, as it attempts to address the current knowledge gap related to the durability testing of electrodes under realistic conditions, while bringing electrochemical technologies, in particular the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), from the laboratory to the industrial scale. Thus, accurate, high throughput, and standardized testing protocols can be developed that meet the industrial requirements.

Dr. Lobo discussed her studies of NiFe layered double hydroxide catalysts for water electrolyzers. Her studies using in-situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy suggest that in such materials it is the nickel that acts as the catalytically active component, while the iron atoms serve as the electronic and structural support to these catalytic regions. Additionally, the structural and oxidation state changes of the Ni atoms are reversible, which allows such catalysts to be reused.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity for scientists from all over the world to share and discuss their ideas, with excellent plenary and invited talks from academia as well as industry partners. The talks given by both LSWV members, although limited in available time, resulted in lively discussions. 


Dr. Lobo (left) and Dr. Jalan enjoying the time prior to the next session.


Dr. Jalan during her presentation.

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